This blog is dedicated to ARETE, the Greek word for VIRTUE. In ancient Greece, arete meant excellence, and I would like to share this idea with you. However, my intention is not to stick to the past but rather to explore the meaning of excellence in the here-and-now and in particular to decipher how it is relevant to career development and the modern workplace.

I hope you enjoy the readings and find them useful!

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Dr. Sophia Protopapa

Who I am

I am a Career Counselor, writer and speaker. I hold a Doctorate in Social Sciences; an MA in Industrial & Organizational Psychology; an MA in Mediterranean Studies and a BA in History. At present, I am being trained as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. ​I research eudaimonia, character development, virtuous leadership for employee engagement, the art of persuasion and talents & strengths. 

What I do

I write articles and books on leadership excellence for kids, adolescents and adults combining ancient Greek thought with state of the art leadership and psychology research with the aim to inspire my readers to reach their potential. 

I make presentations and run workshops in organizations, universities and schools on the ARETE model of personal and professional excellence that combines ancient Greek thought with principles of personal and professional growth from counseling psychology and leadership.

​I also provide pro bono career counseling to unemployed individuals to facilitate them identify their talents and strengths and upskill in relevant areas.

If you would like to contact me, I would be happy to hear from you at:

sophia. protopapa@yahoo.gr

Dr. Sophia Protopapa